Film and Television

  • Photo of Jack Angel

    Jack Angel

    Director, actor, costume designer

    This veteran voice artist has done the talking for dozens of animated characters in feature films, including Teddy in "A.I.," Astrotrain in "Transformers" and various voices in the "Toy Story" franchise.

  • Photo of Annette Bening

    Annette Bening


    Long before she conquered Tinseltown and Warren Beatty's heart, this "American Beauty" and four-time Oscar nominee was a standout in the drama department, starring in Chekhov's "Three Sisters" and other productions.

  • Photo of Alex Borstein

    Alex Borstein

    Comedian, actress

    One risqué song may have brought an end to her regular comedy gigs at Mary Ward Hall, but it didn't hurt her career. After five seasons on "MADtv," Borstein has performed at venues across the country and on the silver screen.

  • Photo of Christopher Boyes

    Christopher Boyes

    Sound engineer/recording engineer

    As an undergrad he was asked to make a film using sound only; It came out barely audible. Now a four-time Oscar winner ("Titanic," "Pearl Harbor," "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" and "King Kong"), he's known as one of the best in the business.

  • David Carradine

    David Carradine


    While studying acting at SF State under the legendary Jules Irving and Herbert Blau, this star of Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" films and TV's "Kung Fu" supported himself working the graveyard shift cleaning tanks at a beer brewery.

  • Photo of Dana Carvey

    Dana Carvey


    The comic genius who gave us the Church Lady and Wayne's sidekick, Garth, brought along his SF State classmates to fill seats when he started playing comedy clubs in the '70s.

  • Peter Casey

    TV producer

    The executive producer of TV's "Frasier" couldn't attend the broadcast department's 50th birthday party but made up for it by taping a congratulatory message with Kelsey Grammar and David Hyde Pierce.

  • Photo of Michael Paul Chan

    Michael Paul Chan


    Continuing to enjoy a prolific career in film and TV, Chan stars as Lt. Mike Tao on the hit series The Closer. His feature film credits include "Spy Game", "The Insider", "The Joy Luck Club", "Falling Down", and "The Goonies". Chan's brother and wife are also SF State alums.

  • Photo of Glen Charles

    Glen Charles

    TV writer/producer

    He and his brother, Les, were the co-creators and executive producers of "Cheers" for its 11-year run on NBC. Fellow alumnus Peter Casey has Glen to thank for creating the pompous yet endearing psychiatrist named Frasier Crane.

  • Photo of Lisa Cholodenko

    Lisa Cholodenko


    This Oscar-nominee, whose credits include "The Kids Are All Right," says her time at SF State taught her how to be a better storyteller.

  • Photo of Curtis Choy

    Curtis Choy


    The S.F. International Asian American Film Festival bestowed its 2003 Spotlight honor on this director of "The Fall of the I-Hotel," which chronicles the brutal evictions of elderly Filipinos from a San Francisco residence hotel.

  • Photo of Peter Coyote

    Peter Coyote


    This New Jersey-born film star and left-leaning political activist moved West to study creative writing at SF State. His chronicle of life in the radical '60s is called "Sleeping Where I Fall."

  • Photo of Roger Dobkowitz

    Roger Dobkowitz


    His thesis on scandals on television game shows caught the attention of network execs who asked him to "come on down" and work on "The Price is Right." He has been a producer on the show for more than two decades.

  • Photo of Arthur Dong

    Arthur Dong


    Just for fun, he submitted his SF State senior thesis, a documentary called "Sewing Woman," for Oscar consideration in the short subject category in 1982. It won a nomination.

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  • Sam Ewing

    Sam Ewing

    TV producer/executive

    This 1965 grad launched his career at KGO before moving on to become NBC's director of children's programs. Later he worked for such creators of kids' TV as Hanna-Barbera and the Jim Henson Company, collecting three Emmys along the way.

  • Photo of Danny Glover

    Danny Glover


    The "Lethal Weapon" star and champion of progressive political causes cut his activist teeth marching in demonstrations during the 1968-69 campus strike at SF State.

  • Photo of David Gropman

    Michael L. Grace


    He wrote/produced the internationally performed award-winning musical "Snoopy," the play "Kennedy," movies for TV, was a staff writer on "Love Boat" and "Knots Landing" and developed screenplays for Kevin Costner and John Travolta.

  • Photo of David Gropman

    David Gropman

    Production designer

    This creative arts grad received an Oscar nomination for his art direction in "The Cider House Rules." His wide-ranging production design credits include "Hairspray," "Doubt" and "Life of Pi."

  • Barbara Hammer

    Barbara Hammer

    Avant-garde visual artist

    For decades, Hammer (who earned both an M.A. in English literature and an M.A. in film at SF State) has been directing experimental films and videos that explore once-taboo subjects such as menstruation, female orgasm and lesbian sexuality. Her pioneering, award-winning works have been screened at festivals and galleries around the world.

  • Photo of Bill Johnson

    Bill Johnson

    Film Producer

    He served as executive producer on both the Disney feature film “Secretariat” and the DreamWorks Pictures comedy “I Love You, Man.”

  • Pete Liebengood

    Pete Liebengood

    Reporter and producer

    During his decades-long career, this television veteran helped create one of the first news magazine shows, worked at various TV stations (including KGO and KRON) in a variety of roles and provided play-by-play coverage for national networks.

  • Photo of Delroy Lindo

    Delroy Lindo


    Delroy Lindo was 50 years old and already famous when he enrolled in the cinema program at SF State under a pseudonym he won't reveal. He's appeared in more than 40 films, including "Cider House Rules," "Get Shorty" and Spike Lee's "Malcolm X."

  • Photo of Shawn Murphy

    Shawn Murphy

    Sound mixer/recording engineer

    He has worked behind the scenes of more than 300 films and TV programs including stints as sound supervisor for the annual Academy Awards show. A three-time Oscar nominee himself, he took home a gold statuette for Best Sound ("Jurassic Park") in 1993.

  • Photo of Steven Okazaki

    Steven Okazaki


    In 1991, this film major won an Oscar for his short-subject documentary, "Days of Waiting." In 2006, he was nominated for another Oscar in the same category for "The Mushroom Club," a film that deals with the effects of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  • Photo of Marcy Page

    Marcy Page

    Animated film producer

    She's worked at the National Film Board of Canada since 1990 as a director and producer of animated films, including the Academy Award-nominated "My Grandmother Ironed the King's Shirts," and "Ryan," the recipient of the 2005 Oscar for Best Animated Short Film.

  • Photo of David Pollock

    David Pollock

    TV writer/producer

    His numerous credits include co-writing the final episode of "M*A*S*H" in 1983. Watched by fans in 50 million homes the night it aired, the episode remains the most-watched program in television history.

  • Photo of Jonas Rivera

    Jonas Rivera


    This cinema graduate has worked on nearly every Pixar film made, from an internship behind the scenes of "Toy Story" to his work as producer of the Oscar-winning "Up" and recently released “Inside Out."

  • Photo of Jay Rosenblatt

    Jay Rosenblatt


    Found footage of Adolph Hitler calmly eating a piece of bread gave him the idea for "Human Remains," his haunting documentary which illustrates the banality of evil by creating intimate portraits of reviled dictators. It received a jury award at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival.

  • Photo of David Sacks

    David Sacks

    Television executive

    In just three years this radio/tv and film grad rose from an entry-level position in the Universal Studios mailroom to become an associate vice president. Now he's a senior vice president at Warner Bros. Television.

  • Photo of Ronnie Schell

    Ronnie Schell


    While a student at SF State, this "Gomer Pyle USA" star was getting yuks opening for Phyllis Diller and the Kingston Trio at North Beach's Purple Onion.

  • Photo of Jacqueline Phillips Shedd and Ben Shedd

    Ben Shedd


    Jacqueline Phillips Shedd

    After switching from acting to directing at SF State, Ben teamed with Jacqueline on their first independent film, "The Flight  of the Gossamer Condor." The film received the 1978 Oscar for Documentary Short Subject.

  • Photo of Corey Sienega

    Corey Sienega


    This former teaching assistant was so captivated by a class screening of Orson Welles' "A Touch of Evil," she neglected to prep the final reel in time for the changeover. Clearly she learned from the mistake. She's since produced films including "Martian Child," "Miss Potter," "Secondhand Lions" and "Frailty."

  • Photo of Lisanne Skyler

    Lisanne Skyler


    Receiving both support and criticism from Professors Pat Ferrero, Karen Holmes and Bob Lewis helped this cinema student hone her skills. Her first feature film, "Getting to Know You," played in the 1999 Sundance Film Festival Dramatic Competition and received rave reviews.

  • Photo of Steve Zaillian

    Steve Zaillian


    As a kid he ushered at a movie theater watching the films of producers and directors he'd one day work alongside. His screenplay for "Schindler's List" won an Oscar in 1993.