• Alex Anderson

    Alex Anderson


    The host of HGTV's "Simply Quilts" for more than a decade, she discovered her passion at SF State, when she completed a quilt as part of her work toward a degree in art. Today her award-winning quilts are displayed across the country.

  • Photo of Judy Dater

    Judy Dater


    One of contemporary art's leading photographers, this Guggenheim-winning artist was part of the Visual Dialogue Foundation, the SF State-based school that grew out of the ferment of the 1960s.

  • Roy DeForest

    Roy De Forest


    Known for their rich, colorful palette, this art major's paintings hang in major museums worldwide. His "Country Dog Gentlemen" is a popular work at the San Francisco MOMA.

  • Photo of Rupert Garcia

    Rupert Garcia


    He first gained notice for his political posters dealing with race, politics and the Vietnam War. Since then, his silkscreen posters, etchings and paintings have been featured in hundreds of exhibitions.

  • Carmen Lomas Garza

    Carmen Lomas Garza


    Her paintings, shown at the Hirshhorn, Whitney and elsewhere, depict a Chicana's memories of small-town life in Texas.

  • Lyle Gomes

    Lyle Gomes


    A Fulbright Scholar and artist, his 16-year photographic project, "Imagining Eden: Connecting Landscapes," took him to countless locations in the U.S. and Europe. When finished, he thanked former faculty members Don Worth, Jack Welpott and Neal White in the acknowledgments.

  • Lynn Hershman Leeson

    Lynn Hershman Leeson


    Her interactive and Internet-based media art projects include a four-year private performance as a simulated person, Roberta Breitmore, who had her own apartment, handwriting, gestures, moods, and friends who became part of her fiction.

  • Photo of Kristin Oppenheim

    Kristin Oppenheim

    Conceptual artist

    She experimented with audio-visual art as an undergraduate in the 1980s before going on to show it at such prestigious venues as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

  • Photo of Wes Wilson

    Wes Wilson

    Poster artist

    A pioneer of the psychedelic rock poster, this philosophy major's posters for the Fillmore and Avalon concert halls are noted for their experimental, freehand lettering.